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Recovered have over 4000+ clients spanning across not just Broome, but also Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth. We can recover your data from almost any storage device. We utilise the most advanced data recovery technology available in the world to provide the highest possible success rates to our clients. When it comes to recovering data from failed storage devices, you often get one shot. Make it count! Many IT providers in Broome are just not equipped with the complex equipment needed to offer professional data recovery. Whether it be failed hardware or devices, a natural disaster or one of life’s little mishaps, we can assist you to recover the valuable information you need a rely upon on most devices. What’s awesome is, it’s 100% financially risk-free. We offer a no data, no fee promise. 

Our pricing is structured in three stages. Economy, Priority & Emergency. We also offer payment plans to suit most budge

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Any Hard Drive, Any Problem! Free Assessment, No Data, No Fee!

No matter what the brand or the problem, we can extract data from even the most difficult cases. Whether your hard drive is clicking or not even spinning up at all, we can recover data in most cases. 

Success Rates

My hard drive has stopped working, what should I do?

The most important thing to do, in order to prevent any further damage, is to immediately power off the hard drive. It is important to stop using it and to not let anybody who does not know what they are doing use it or try to use any software to scan or make changes to the disk. Taking these measures will greatly improve the chances of a successful data recovery.

Are you able to recover my data?

Yep, most of the time we can!

When it comes to recovering data from a failed hard drive or solid-state drive you often get one shot at it. We have the skills, knowledge and expertise as well as the most advanced equipment available in the world to provide the safest and best possible chance at recovering your lost data. In fact, we are so confident in our expertise, that if we cannot recover your data, we do not charge you anything.

Hard disk drives can fail in many ways. Most commonly we see hard drives presenting with bad sectors, read errors, file system or partition corruption as well as damaged printed circuit boards (PCBs) and firmware problems. In pretty much all of these cases, we can recover your data.

If your hard drive is making any unusual sounds such as clicking, beeping or ticking, it almost always points to damage to the read/write heads, motor or other internal damage. These symptoms are very common and we specialise in such cases.

If the heads inside the hard drive are damaged, our success rate is typically lower. This is particularly the case with hard drives that have hit the floor from physical shock and have suffered damage to the disk platter. In cases of physical shock to your hard drive, as long as the disk platter surface is in good condition, you can usually expect a successful recovery, even when there is a motor or heads issue. In cases of severe physical damage to the platter surface, typically success rates are quite low, but you can trust that we will do our very best to recover your lost data in this case.

We would say that in most cases that hard drives have failed where there is not damage to the platter, or files have been overwritten, the data can usually be recovered with integrity.

Cases that are generally not recoverable typically involve scratched platters or overwritten data.

Free initial assessment – 1-2 business days

Once you lodge your data recovery job with us by either popping in or posting your device from Broome, we will perform an obligation free initial assessment. This assessment usually takes 1 to 2 business days and once complete, we will advise which one of the three stages of recovery you fall under.

Once we get the approval from you, expect a typical turnaround time of between a few days to a couple of weeks.

As we mentioned, typically when it comes to data recovery from a failed hard drive, you often get one shot at it. Please don’t risk giving your hard drive with your critical business files or precious family memories to an unprofessional or inexperienced general IT repair technician. We see time and time again attempts made at data recovery that have destroyed the customer data.

Data recovery is a specialised field of IT that requires advanced equipment, knowledge of hard drive manufacturer firmware as well as a deep understanding of how hard drives work. Trust your data with us, the professionals.

How much does data recovery cost?

Our rates start at $350 and go upwards from there depending on the nature of the recovery. Not all devices are the same, so please give us a call or submit an online enquiry for relevant pricing.  We break down our service into standard service and emergency service, depending on your needs.

Your Data Recovered in 4 Simple Steps

step 1 data consultation

Step 1. Consultation


step 2 evaluation of damaged storage media

Step 2. Evaluation


step 3 data recovery process commences

Step 3. Data Recovery


step 4 delivery of recovered data to customer

Step 4. Delivery



Stage 1
3-7 Business Days
  • Deleted or re-formatted files
  • File System Corruption
  • Corrupted Partition
  • Files backup service
  • Security Locked Device
  • WD My Book Decryption (Lost Board)

Hardware Issues

Stage 2
3-7 Business Days
  • Damaged Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Damaged USB Port/SATA Port
  • Firmware Corruption/Repair
  • Bad Sectors/Read Errors
  • Liquid/Fire Damaged PCB
  • System Area Damage

Clean Room

Stage 3
3-7 Business Days
  • Stiction - Heads Stuck To Platter Surface
  • Damaged Read/Write Heads
  • Fire & Liquid Damage
  • Damaged Motor
  • Electrical Surge
  • +Any Other Clean Room Work

How long does the process take?

Hard drives fail in many different ways, they are mechanical in nature, have their own circuitry as well as complex firmware. The time required to recover your failed hard drive varies depending on what kind of problem it has and how it responds to the repairs we make.

If your job does not require cleanroom work, typically we can recover your data anywhere from a few days to a week. If your drive needs to go into the cleanroom for head replacement or if there is damage to the disk surface, expect a longer turnaround of up to 1 to 2 weeks. If you require a much faster turnaround time, we would recommend calling us and selecting emergency 24/7 service turn around.

How fast is the emergency service?

Put simply, emergency service allows your job to go straight to the top of the queue and we will work tirelessly 24 hours a day, seven days a week until your data is recovered. In some cases this could mean 1 to 2 days, other cases it could still take a week. There are some cases that we have repaired quickly but just simply take a very long time to image.

Why choose us?

Our data recovery engineers are Ace Labs accredited and are up to speed with the very latest techniques of data recovery. Not only do we utilise the very best equipment available in the world, such as PC-3000 and class 100 cleanroom environments, we offer some of the highest success rates in the industry.
Many IT providers and computer repair shops already outsource their data recovery to us. Whether you are a business, school or government department, mum or dad or IT repair shop we can certainly assist you.

How are we different?

✅ You can rely on us 7 days a week
✅ No data no fee – if we are unable to recover your data, we will not charge you.
✅ No upfront deposits or attempt fees required
✅ Depending on where you’re located, we may be able to arrange a free pick up
✅ You can bring your failed storage device into us

If you have any questions at all, you can pick up the phone and have a chat to us and get all your questions answered!

How to get started with us?

Call or send us an email and we will send you our process, pricing and lodgement form to fill out and submit with the drive. Once we receive your hard drive, we will perform the free initial assessment and provide a quote seeking your approval as to whether or not you would like to proceed.

Once we receive your approval, we will get to work. If you decline our quote, we will send your device back to you free of charge.

Once we recover your data, we will put the files onto another hard drive that you can supply or we can supply one from $90. If you do not have many files, we can send you a link to your files to be downloaded.

It is important to keep in mind that if you are posting a hard drive to one of our offices, that you please adequately wrap the device with 4 cm of bubblewrap on all sides evenly to prevent any physical damage in transit. There is no need for you to send any cables or adapters with the hard drive.

You are welcome to drop your hard drive at our office in person between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. Feel free to just arrive as an appointment is required.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about pricing or process.

We Solve even the hardest data recovery cases

Common Problems Include:

Read/write heads repair

A common cause of the read heads failure is physical shock damage or in some cases factory faults

Hard drive head stack assembly inspection

Printed Circuit Board

Printed circuit boards are the exposed electronic components on the underside of a mechanical hard drive.

HDD Firmware Repair

Hard drives have a small “cache” that works like the “RAM” in a computer, a “controller” and “firmware” to drive it all

Logical Corruption Repair

Recovering deleted files, formatted drive, virus attack, Cryptolock type viruses, unsafe power off and interrupted transfer processes.

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Spindle/Motor Repair

Motors spin the platters at a very specific speed working in tandem with the reading heads and being controlled by the drive’s firmware

Hard drive spindle/motor repair

Media Damage/bad sectors

Media damage, or “bad sectors” is by far the most common issue we get in the lab and in most cases can yield a high result.

We Can Recover Data From

All Brands Of Storage

If it stores data, chances are we can recover it! We support all the major brands of storage media – If we can’t, you don’t pay.

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