We can Recover Your Lost Data In 95% Of Cases

When it comes to recovering precious family memories or critical corporate files from your failed hard drive, SSD, server or phone, look no further. We’ve seen it all!

If we cannot recover your data, there’s no fee. 

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Australia’s FIRST Choice For Data Recovery Services

Recovered have over 6000+ clients spanning across most parts of Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth.  We can recover your data from almost any storage device. We utilise the most advanced data recovery technology available in the world to provide the highest possible success rates to our clients.

When it comes to recovering data from failed hard drives and other devices, you often get one shot. Make it count! Whether it be failed hardware, a natural disaster or one of life’s little mishaps, we can assist you to recover the valuable information you need and rely upon. What’s awesome is, it’s 100% financially risk-free. We offer a free assessment and a no data, no fee promise. 

Our pricing is structured in three stages. We can assess your device quickly and recover your data in 3-7 business days on average, sometimes much sooner. We can also offer payment arrangements to suit most budgets. Get a free assessment today! 

We Can Recover Hard Drives, USB Sticks, NAS & RAID Arrays

Failed hard Drive? we can recover it - If we can't, you don't pay!

We offer free assessments and quotes with super fast turn around times no matter where you are in Australia.

Your Data Recovered in 4 Simple Steps

step 1 data consultation

Step 1. Consultation


step 2 evaluation of damaged storage media

Step 2. Evaluation


step 3 data recovery process commences

Step 3. Data Recovery


step 4 delivery of recovered data to customer

Step 4. Delivery


We Can Solve even the hardest data recovery cases

what Kinds of storage can we recover data from?

Hard disk drive HDD opened in clean room for inspection

Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

Mechanical hard drives with spinning disks and read/write heads

PCIE NVME SSD data recovery

Sold State Drives (SSD)

Flash based storage being much faster with no moving mechanical parts

Iphone & Android

Water damage, physical shock, failed updates

Failed NAS or RAID data recovery

Network Attached Storage (NAS) & RAID Arrays

A network attached server usually consisting of multiple disks working together to form one or multiple volumes

SD & Micro SD card data retrieval

Compact Flash, SD & Micro SD Cards

Flash Storage for mobile phones, tablets, cameras and other portable devices

damaged USB stick file recovery

USB Sticks

Ultra-portable and smaller flash storage on a tiny printed circuit board

Why Choose Recovered?

Our data recovery engineers are Ace Labs accredited and are experienced with the very latest techniques of data recovery. Not only do we utilise the very best equipment available in the world, such as PC-3000 and class 100 cleanroom environments, we offer some of the highest success rates in the industry.

Our data recovery engineers can solve issues that computer shops simply cannot. These include hard drives that are clicking and usually have damaged read-write heads, seized motors that tend to omit a buzzing sound, damage to the printed circuit board (PCB), as well as many service area problems, bad sectors or read errors, firmware module issues etc. Chances are, if your hard drive has failed, we have seen your problem before.

Many IT service providers and retail outlets already outsource their data recovery to us. Whether you are a business, school or government department or mum & dad, we can certainly assist you.

How Are We Different?

  • We provide the highest success rates in the industry
  • No data no fee – If we are unable to recover your data, we will not charge you.
  • Free assessments
  • Fast turn around times.
  • You can call us seven days a week.
  • Depending on where you’re located, we may be able to arrange a free pick up.
  • You can bring your failed storage device into one of our six locations around Australia.
  • If you have any questions at all, you can pick up the phone and have a chat to us and get all your questions answered!
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We Can Recover Data From

All Brands Of Storage

If it stores data, chances are we can recover it! We can work with all the major brands of storage media – If we can’t, you don’t pay.

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